nathalie daoust

In her art, Nathalie explores the realm between dream and reality and the human need to escape into fantasyworlds. Within the framework of her photo project in Tokyo she developed a trusting closeness with herlead actors, the dominatrixes with their slaves and clients, as well as a friendship with Saori Imazeki, theowner of the Alpha-In. All were highly impressed with Nathalie’s artistic approach to and treatment of thetopic of sadomasochism. They trustingly opened up to Nathalie and allowed her to take part in their lives. Itquickly became clear to Nathalie that the expressive potential of photography could no longer do justice tothe fascinating stories of the contrarian world of sadomasochism. They needed far more room to be told.The poetically suggestive visuality of Nathalie’s photographs will also be reflected in the style and imageryof her first documentary film.