Conociendo a Ariel

laura bari

Entrevue de la réalisatrice au RIDM en novembre 2013


Entrevue avec Laura Bari – Ariel from RIDM on Vimeo.

Si quieres conocer un poco más  quien es la directora el artículo por Pablo Gómez Barrios da un retrato de Laura muy sencillo y interesante.

Tambien se puede escuchar la entrevista de la directora en RCI


Etymology and History
Originally prosthesis meant addition of a letter or syllable to a word. It is only in 1709 that the meaning is associated to body parts. It is derived from the greek “addition,” from prostithenai “add to,” from pros “to” + tithenai “to put, place”. (source Thesaurus).


To know about the history of protheses, Kim M. Norton’s article A Brief History of Prosthetics is a great summary. If you like to go into more details there’s The History of Prosthetic Devices

Illustration and Poetry

If you enjoyed laura’s fable A Brief History of Protheses you can read it again and dissect it!
The fable is illustrated and animated by the talented artist Giulia Palombino


Ariel is not the first to build his protheses
Hugh Herr lost both legs below the knee as a young man. He has since designed his own prosthetic legs. He heads the Biomechatronics research group at the MIT Media Lab. You can read the transcribed interview The Double Amputee Who Designs Better Limbs.
Össur is the first to invent a silicone liner and then created his company – Check out some great inventor who continued to create more sophisticated protheses


Vous pouvez aussi écouter une belle entrevue avec laura sur la créativité et comment puisez dans sa créativité.
Cliquez sur play pour écouter l’entrevue.

Ariel en Canada

Where are the future screening of Ariel ?
Unfortunately, for the moment there are no screening planned in Canada.
To request a screening in your city email us !

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